32 Oz Spray Bottles Bulk


Environment Friendly Packaging

3 Bottles in 1 Pack

Easy to use, 32 oz Spray Bottles for chemical, and everyday use with top quality plastic packaging with upto 3 bottles in a single package. They’re corrosion free and made with environment friendly procedures.


We use HDPA Plastic which is most ecofriendly plastic in the industry.


32 oz Spray Bottles in Wholesale

Spray bottles are a necessity to keep your car or home clean. However, you might be paying over the odds for small and not very big bottles of it. Here’s an excellent chance to buy 32 oz spray bottles at wholesale prices. Make a bulk order and save on every purchase.

We give you an opportunity to buy as many spray bottles of 32 oz capacity as you wish with wholesale prices so that you can enjoy price cuts each time. Just contact us and get a cost-effective deal for all your spraying needs

Alpha Lion is a leading brand in cleaning products, trusted by major companies. Our Spray bottles are made with top notch plastic which is long lasting, effective and able to handle all kinds of liquids ranging from simple cleaning solutions to mildly acidic. All of our products are designed to one goal – making your life easier.


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