Heavy Duty Dish Detergent


Plant Based Ingredients

Grease & Grime Removed

Looking for a dishwasher detergent that can really tackle the tough messes? Look no further than our Heavy Duty Liquid Dish Detergent! Our powerful formula quickly cuts through grease and food, leaving your dishes clean and shining. Plus, it’s gentle on your hands, so you can scrub to your heart’s content.


We use HDPA Plastic which is most ecofriendly plastic in the industry.


Sparkling Clean Dishes & Kitchenware

Dish Detergents are the most used product for maintaining the cleanliness of your dishes and kitchenware. Dish detergents come in different forms, such as powders, liquids, tablets, and gels. These products contain chemicals that help remove stains and leave your items sparkling clean. If you are looking for an effective dish detergent, Heavy-duty dish detergent is what you need. This can wash dishes, glasses, cutlery, and other food items.

Alpha Lion Distributor is a distributor of cleaning supplies with over 23 years of experience across the United States. We offer a wide range of cleaning supplies, including heavy-duty dish detergent. This product contains a formula that cleans all soils from the dishes and other items. It removes dirt and stains from your cups, saucers, and plates, leaving them sparkling clean. It has a formula that cuts through grease and grime, making it easy to remove food deposits while washing dishes. 

This Heavy-duty dish detergent is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or substances means you can use it without worrying about harming yourself or your environment in any way. The heavy-duty dish detergent has a fresh scent that will leave your kitchen smelling great after each use.

Gentle on Your Hands

 The kitchen’s grease causes serious messes, but it can also clog up your drains and make cooking more difficult. Getting rid of grease can be a messy and even dangerous process. That’s why Alpha Lion has collaborated with chefs worldwide to develop a range of hard products on grease but gentle on your hands.

You don’t need to spend hours hunting down ingredients or mixing chemicals to make your formulas. Just choose from Alpha Lion’s fast-acting, easy-to-use line of products, and say goodbye to greasy cleaning forever.

Product Features:

  • It’s safe and fast 
  • Contains eco-friendly ingredients
  • Designed for household, commercial and industrial uses
  • Ideal for the greasiest of cutlery, dishes, or pots and pans
  • High-performance and premium quality cleaning agents
  • Works well with all types of grease and dirtiness on your dishes
  • Give your dishes, glasses, and silverware a sustainable, squeaky clean
  • Perfect for Food-service
  • Tough on grease and cuts through heavy soil
  • The detergent has a light floral, pleasant scent and is mild on the hands.
  • It helps reduce the water used per sink load of dishes.
  • It has a concentrated formula that provides long-lasting, rich suds when used as directed.

Commercial Use

Clean plates, glasses, and flatware are essential for serving food in any setting. Dirty wares will turn customers away and pose a health problem in a worst-case scenario. Get a complete clean from your dishwasher by using this heavy-duty dishwasher detergent from Alpha Lion Distributor. 

This alkaline detergent is designed to loosen, emulsify, and penetrate food-based soils and greases from wares in a standard automatic washing cycle. Whether you’re washing a rack of plates or your heavily used pots, this dish soap is sure to remove debris and residues from surfaces altogether. 

It also features a no chlorinated base, allowing you to wash any wares without overpowering chemicals. You won’t have to worry about chlorine bleach corroding your metal wares or reacting with hard water. After the washing cycle is done, this dish soap will provide a spot-free rinse without leaving odors, residues, or greases. Straight from the rack after a clean, this dish detergent ensures your wares will be ready for serving and cooking immediately.

We have come out with our Heavy-Duty Dish Detergent with a commitment to eradicate all your worries for spotless dishwashing. A unique blend of wetting agents and potassium ingredients removes food soils, emulsifies grease and oil, prevents the formation of foam or suds, and thereby helps to maximize and maintain wash pressure throughout the wash cycle.

Thus, people who don’t compromise on quality always prefer Alpha Lion Heavy Duty Dish Detergent! It is an excellent quality, high-performing product with extra germ-killing power and leaves no spots or chemical residues.

Precautions & Safety:

Do not inhale and Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse quickly with plenty of cold water. Seek medical advice if irritation continues.

Eco friendly and economical

Dish soap, also called dish detergent, is a specialized form of soap that contains a mixture of surfactants that are especially high-foaming and chosen because they do not irritate the skin. This special mixture of surfactants makes dish soap effective at cutting oils and grease on cutlery, dishes, and pots. Some types of dish soap also include environment-friendly scents, dyes, or rinsing agents.

Many years ago, some dish detergents also contained phosphates that assisted in cleaning but posed an environmental hazard. Phosphates can reach lakes and streams, encouraging algae blooms that reduce oxygen and water levels. That’s why Alpha Lion has been making environmentally friendly products for many years. They have always been committed to protecting our environment. Their products are biodegradable and made with all-natural ingredients that contain no phosphates, bleach, petroleum distillates or artificial colorants, fragrances, or perfumes.


  • For better results, dilute to one teaspoon per gallon of water.
  • Use a dishcloth to wash dishes, glasses, and flatware.
  • Use a rubbing pad to scrub pots and pans.
  • Rich ingredients throw away food, greases, and oils.
  • Quick rinsing saves water
  • Won’t leave a greasy film, streaks, or spots.
  • Light floral scent.
  • It is Mild on the hands for regular and commercial use.


Safety & Hazard

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