Plant-Based Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner – One Gallon


Plant Based Ingredients

Stain Removal

Our Multi Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner is made from Plant-Based ingrediants that are both environment friendly & non corrosive. They clean, shine and sparcle for all kinds of surfaces ranging from wood, stone, brick & much more.


We use HDPA Plastic which is most ecofriendly plastic in the industry.


The risk we face for health is increasing with the number of synthetic, harmful chemicals we’re exposing ourselves and our families to on a daily basis. We developed a surface cleaner that is 100% plant-based and safe from allergen contamination. As nature’s building blocks, plants naturally rejuvenate your home for all the good that your body craves — Cleanliness, Health, Happiness, and Sustainability. 

Directions for use

Simply add 10 ounces of product per 22 ounces of water and then pour it on the tile or concrete that needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

A surface is only as clean as the cleaner you use.

What are you using to clean your floors? A chemical-based cleaner? That’s a sure way to embed dirt into your floor and harm your family. We have developed a MULTI-PURPOSE SURFACE CLEANER (MPSC) solution that enables you to clean any surface safely and easily without having to mix or store multiple products. MPSC works extremely well on all surfaces – bathroom, kitchen, tiles, floor mats, walls, etc. It will save you time, effort, and money.

Key features of our Plant-based multipurpose cleaner

  • It uses a natural blend of plants and essential oils that work effectively against strong layers of dirt and grime.
  • It’s eco-friendly and carries no harm to your and your loved ones’ health
  • It’s devoid of parabens and sulfate
  • Hand packaged and shipped
  • Cuts through most stubborn grease
  • Cleans non-porous surfaces like stones, tiles, wood, glass, etc effectively.

How our product effectively stands out from the others?

How would you feel about a family-friendly, plant-based cleaner, non-toxic for children and pets, that is effective on grease and grime? Yes, you read correctly. Making your lives easier just got one step simpler! No need for the spray bottle, sneeze guard or gloves, our revolutionary product cleans surfaces without harsh chemicals.

Cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and fumes. And the fumes can cause health concerns and allergies. And they don’t always do a thorough job of removing everyday dirt and grime (especially in kids’ rooms). That’s why you need a cleaner that is safe, doesn’t smell like a toxic waste dump, and actually works.

Our multi-purpose cleaner is a plant-based product that’s free of harmful chemicals such as dyes, sulfates, and phthalates – so it leaves surfaces clean while being kind to your health.

Instantly cleans hard surfaces with no need for multiple products and chemicals. Simply spray, squeeze and wash away visible dirt, even grease from ovens, or grime from your grill. This spot-on cleaning solution has countless uses in your home, garden, and garage, including washing fruits and veggies, as an air deodorizer, or degreaser for showers and sinks. 

This product can ease your cleaning ordeals

Who likes cleaning? No one. It’s time-consuming and tiring. Even with all the elbow grease, cleaning surfaces can be a hassle, sometimes leaving them dirtier than before. Scrubbing can be painful, but the effort is necessary. Wiping things down isn’t much better – not to mention you might be using harmful chemicals to clean the surfaces in your home, which can be dangerous.

The plant-based multi-purpose surface cleaner is a safe way to clean your surfaces. Environmentally friendly and free from sulfates, bleach, and ammonia, it’s perfect for use around the home as it cuts through grease and grime on your floors, walls, tubs, and more without chemicals or effort.

It cleans the non-porous surfaces like nothing else

Wood surfaces get dirty easily.

But cleaning them is also a hassle: Disinfecting, scrubbing, and buffing is a pain. So is using the same sponge for multiple surfaces or swishing around too much soap. Our powerful multi-purpose surface cleaner is plant-powered and can be used anywhere on your wooden surfaces to take away harmful dirt and germs. Even on natural wood, laminate, and plastic. No more spending hundreds of dollars replacing your floorboards – clean them up so they look new again in no time!

Keeping your home, carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces free from dirt and stains is hard work.

You want to get it done quickly and easily, but spending a large part of your weekend on your hands and knees doesn’t sound like fun. Say hello to our one-of-a-kind, plant-based all-purpose surface cleaner that makes keeping your home clean quick and easy.

Dirty tiles and grimey bathtubs simply won’t go away without effort.

Any regular tiles and grout cleaning requires a great amount of time, effort, and money. Not to mention it is a kind of a futile undertaking as by the time you finish your tiles are already smudged with grease or grimy with mud. So why not get rid of the problem once and for all? Then start saving time and money for something more meaningful or worthwhile.

Pretty simple really – use a revolutionary plant-based tile cleaner that will clean your home in an easy peasy way without the need for elbow grease. Not to mention it’s great on furniture, kitchen appliances, countertops, sinks, etc.

Directions for use

10 ounces of product per 22 ounces of water.



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